Help Your Child Navigate Friendships – With slumped shoulders, your child comes home from school and announces that she doesn’t like her best friend anymore? What’s up? As your child matures, she is bound to have conflict with her friends so here are a few practical ideas for you to help your child navigate the journey of friendships.  (927-word) (Parenting, Relationships)

Have a Mother/Daughter Sleepover Party – Every tween girl wants to go away to a slumber party but maybe mom and daughter aren’t particularly ready for that milestone. So how about a mother/daughter sleepover party! Moms can come with their tween daughter and have bonding time along with other moms. (926 word) (Relationships, Parenting)

Take the Time: A Weekend Getaway Guide for Couples – Today’s busy parents get so entangled with their responsibilities of parenting that they often forget about each other. Here is a 746-word article that discusses the importance of taking time for the couple’s relationship, challenges excuses that we all have made for not doing so, and offers your readers guidelines on how to plan their next getaway.

Are Your Kids Empty Nesters? – With preparations of the oldest going off to college, away to the military, or leaving to get married, parents often concentrate on their oldest child and how much they are going to miss them. In the midst of the planning, have parents overlooked anything or anyone? What about the other members of the family? (1000 word)



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