3 responses to “What Blogging 30 Days Taught Me…”

  1. Michelle Rafter

    Thank you Jan. During this year’s Blogathon, I got better at delegating (I think), didn’t stress as much, scheduled weekly guest posts for May and June — the May posts were so people who weren’t familiar with the Blogathon could hear from people who’d done it before what it was like — and learned how to co-manage a Facebook page. I also scheduled all my posts in advance of June, and tried to pre-write as many as possible so my posts also published at the same time every.

    Jan’s a great VA – hire her!


  2. Van Waffle

    Thanks so much for you hard work for the blogathon, Jan. It has been a great experience for me (both years!) and I’m glad you and Michelle made it happen. I’m heading on vacation for a week, too, so I’ll miss the chat tomorrow, but wanted to make sure I let you know how much I enjoyed participating this year.

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