4 responses to “VA Tip of the Week: Grab That Water Bottle”

  1. Julie Phelps

    Yep! I have been working from/at home for more than ten years now and drinking lots of water is part of the routine.
    I have a large (BPA Free) clear plastic container that holds 24 ounces. I keep mental track of how often I fill it, aiming to do that at least three or four times each day. If I leave the house for an errand or appointment, my habit is to take the container along with my purse. At night I keep a different water container on the bedside table. And I use it!

    I know of people who have their computer or smart phone set to signal reminders every hour to drink water as well as to stand up, move the arms and shake the legs. (Good heart maintenance)


  2. Julia Biggs

    I’ve been a water convert for about four years now. It not only is healthier but I found that it truly does make your skin look better. I can’t say that I crave water though(well, except after playing pickleball because I’m completely dehydrated) but I have found that adding some TRUE Lemon, a drink additive, helps a lot. After evaluating labels of other drink additives, TRUE Lemon seemed like the most natural that our grocery store sells.

    Oh and by the way, your blog post gave me a great idea for my blog….thanks!!

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