9 responses to “Service Quotes to Inspire”

  1. Kate @ Teaching What is Good

    Very lovely thoughts, dear! Thanks for sharing them to inspire on our day to rest!

  2. Susan

    Oh, I love these, Jan. The one about not having to have a college degree to serve really made me smile today. And the photos are very cheerful, too. Just what you want to see on a Sunday. And what a great idea for a Sunday post. I may ‘steal’ this idea for my own Sunday posts this month, if it’s OK with you.

  3. Nancy Thompson

    Thank you Jan. Lovely words to ponder on a relaxing Sunday. I love your brother’s photos. Very interesting collection.

  4. Jaimie

    Absolutely love that Mike Murdock quote! Very nice idea, I enjoyed reading. 🙂

  5. Anne

    Morning Jan, loving the Martin Luther King Jr quote and the image which goes with it. Great to read those first thing Monday morning, they’ve now set me up for the day.

  6. Toni Nelson

    Great quotes and photos. I do Scenic Sunday’s where I share photos from various places. This weeks “video” is of butterflies and bridges.

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