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  1. Marijke

    this is a great post Jan. And I’m happy for you that you found something you really enjoy doing. Who would have thought “virtual assistant” would even exist when we were going through school and trying to decide what we wanted to do with our life?

    Transitions can be both scary and empowering. Sometimes I wonder if I would be the happy person I am now had I not taken that scary jump into writing. I don’t think so. I think the freedom that I obtained from following this dream is a direct result of the chances I took and the fears I had to face in order to do them.

    I’m going to be 51 next week and I can truly say that every year – for me – just keeps getting better and better. And who knows? maybe I’ll change course again in 10 years. We’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

  2. Jackie Dishner

    Jan, like you, I’m afraid of water. I want to be in it. I’m a Pisces. But I have fear of it that stems from my childhood. So when I went on a 15-day Colorado river raft tour last April, I was sure I was nuts. But I held on as tight as I could as we went over the rapids. By the halfway mark, I had calmed down and was actually enjoying the excitement. No one fell in. If the raft had flipped, I’m not so sure I’d be writing this same comment. But I’m really glad I faced my fear to try something so amazing. I don’t want fear to keep me from living a full life.

  3. Jennifer Fink

    I love this post. So many people I know, including some homeschoolers, seem to think that the empty nest phase will be particularly tough for homechooling mamas, who have spent years and years with their kids, day in and day out. But most of the homeschooling mamas I know, like you, are excited about the next act. Guess it’s the homeschooler in us, eh? 😉

  4. Jennifer Willis

    Very nice, Jan! Like both you and Jackie, I have a fear of the water—one I can’t quite explain. I’m also a water sign, so I understand Jackie’s comment about being drawn to it. I, too, have found kayaking to be a fun and gently adventurous way to enjoy the water and even commune with the river for a little while.

  5. Julie Farrar

    I was out of breath from reading about all of your transitions happening at once. However, the picture of you in the kayak really caught my eye. I did it as a challenge to myself also and wrote about it http://www.traveling-through.com/2011/04/4-lessons-in-kayaking-paddling-through.html

    I did the Second Act challenge also today. What a fun one to tackle.

  6. Sheila Callahan

    I LOVE the design of your blog and enjoyed this post.

  7. Tia Bach

    Happy birthday! So enjoyed your post. Today has inspired me to focus on my second act more passionately (I turn 40 in August). Loving Blogathon this year!

  8. Van Waffle

    It is encouraging to read this, Jan.

  9. Lisa Carter

    Good for you, Jan, for transitioning, well, several times! From Mom to homeschooler, to writer and now to VA. They all sound very rewarding and there’s nothing like learning new things. Wishing you all the very, very best!

  10. Annie Logue

    This is great, Jan. Life is so very strange, isn’t it?

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