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  1. Jackie Dishner

    I’m theme-oriented. I have to start with colors or an image when I’m planning a party. From there, I can create some kind of mental picture of what the setting might look like. I’ll start with the place settings and go from there to determine if I need candles or flowers or a mixture of both. For my step-daughter’s college graduation, which occurred around the holidays, I already had the colors — her college colors. But I needed the table decorations. Since it was Christmastime, I bought faux table top trees and decorated them with white lights and miniature diplomas (rolled), invitations and mortar boards. I made them all with cardboard paper and ribbon. For the flat diplomas, I actually took her invitation, scanned it, and reduced it to about a one-inch square. I glued 100s of them to little cardboard cutouts. The mortar boards were more of a challenge, and I had to practice drawing the shape several times before getting it right and in the right size. It wasn’t easy working with the small designs, but they looked lovely. I’m not sure everyone at the party took notice, but my step-daughter did. And that’s all that mattered. I was able to recycle them a year later when my own daughter graduated because they went to the same college. Thankfully, she didn’t mind at all. I also love making big banners. I haven’t had a party in a long time, but I find it a great creative outlet. Maybe it’s time…

  2. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Oooh, books! I love pretty colorful idea books!! While I can’t come up with my OWN ideas, I can copy other’s creative ideas really well.

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