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  1. Jane Boursaw

    I’d LOVE a copy of Brette’s book! Ok, hmmm, an organizational tip I use at my house… if you saw my office, you’d laugh at the mere thought of anything helpful coming from me. But! I’m creating a “back office” space in my basement to house DVDs, office supplies, other stuff, that will hopefully keep the clutter at bay upstairs here. If I ever get the thing in shape! I chip away at the clutter a little every day.

  2. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Sounds like a GREAT book!! I have no tips. I am organizationally challenged!! But I do have a question. SPICES! They are the bane of my cooking world!! I’m short and can’t reach them but have few cabinets to store them in. When I open the spice cabinet door, I always get bonked on the head with the salt or oregano! How can I organize them better so that I can actually FIND them and without getting damaged in the process of cooking/baking?

  3. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Just shared it on FB. Hoping ALL my friends will check this one out!!

  4. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    I’m Twitter-pated…just tweeted about this great giveaway and hoping you’ll be FLOODED with comments!

  5. Claire

    I always label boxes before I put them in storage. That way I dont have to go rummaging through all of them to find what I am looking for later!

  6. Jessica Amezcua

    I just hung up my kids’ lunch boxes on the inside of the pantry door (on those removable plastic hooks) just below the over the door rack that we have hanging – that door rack dramatically increases the space in our pantry!! And now the lunch bags are easily accessible, too! I’d love the book!

  7. Amy in Italy

    I am in this mode as I type! Purging, organizing, deciding….

    Thanks for the chance to win some help!


  8. merr

    Brette’s ideas have already given me new hope for our minutely tiny kitchen!

  9. Sheryl

    Would love this book – need this book – which is precisely why I come up empty trying to offer up any organizational tips !

  10. AM

    I am totally organizationally challenged. We have such a small kitchen (a relatively small house too.) I’d love to finally have a dishwasher after over 25 years in this house but don’t want to give up any of my limited cabinet space. I also have a bad back. So my question is a general one: how do you most efficiently use cabinet space when you have a large collection of pots, pans, mixing bowls, lids, and so forth and also cope with the challenges of having (at times) a stiff, gimpy back? (P.S. I also tweeted about the contest at @RamblinGarden.) Thanks!

  11. Laurie Rambo

    I have a deep drawer in my kitchen baking center. I put all my spices in the drawer (I confess to alphabetizing them for easy location). The lids are labeled with a silver paint pen or sharpie so I can see at a glance what I need. That may just be the only place in my home that is neatly organized!

  12. MyKidsEatSquid

    I’ve been meaning to re-organize my kitchen. Love these helpful tips–it’s not about throwing things out, just finding the right place for them!

  13. Liza

    Never can have enough organization skills in life.

  14. Michele

    This is for Kate who asked about spices. I keep small jars in a drawer, laying down, labels up. They really don’t roll around too much because I have them all lined up and packed in there. The bulk ones (mason jars) I keep in the cabinet above. I also divide my spices into two groups, savory and sweet (sweet being those that are used in sweet baking). It makes it easier to find things. I am posting this on Facebook but I don’t have a Twitter account so don’t forget to give me two chances for the book 🙂


  15. Dacia Borton

    The only organizational tip I have is the old saying, “There’s a place for everything, and everything has a place.” The problem for me is that things are usually just thrown in their places, and get to be a mess! I read Kate’s comment about having trouble organizing her spices, and I am in the same boat but not because I’m short. :o) My mother-in-law has a Lazy Susan spice rack, but when I’ve cooked at her house before I end up knocking everything over. I’m wondering if some sort of pull-out shelves would work, maybe if I had 3 or 4 that would slide in and out like a book on a shelf and the spices could be stored on the inside of each one. They would each have 2 stacked shelves. Is that confusing?? I really need to draw a picture of it. :o)

  16. Dacia Borton

    I shared this on Facebook too!

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