9 responses to “Guest Post: Classic Authors on Motherhood and the Juggling Act”

  1. Tia

    I’m excited for Part II. Finding balance between motherhood, writing and life is a delicate balance and hard to achieve. But I feel compelled to write, and silencing that part of me wouldn’t make me a better mother. Awaiting the rest of the post . . . thanks for sharing.

  2. Christine

    I’m with Tia – can’t wait for part 2! I wish we could have a day with some of these wonderful women from the past and ask “how did you do it all?” I have a hard time with a job and two children, much less seven! My writing often suffers, and honestly I haven’t done anything other than blogging since mid-November, when I gave up on NaNoWriMo. More of the story is there wanting out, but when?? I tell my husband I need x amount of time to write – deal with the kids. But toddler wants only Mama in the evenings and cries for me and I give in.

  3. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    I LOVE it! She really hits the heart of where most of us live. I am also looking forward to part 2!!

  4. Julie

    What an interesting post! I always admire any mother with more than one child because I know how tough it was to juggle just the one and “life.” Can’t even imagine more…seven makes me shudder! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  5. Liz

    Guilt-inducing, indeed. When I think of it, though, I know that I am a better mother when I write. And, becoming a mother brought me back to writing after a 10-year hiatus. I can’t imagine not being a mother nor can I not imagine being a writer. We are lucky to be able to (attempt) to do both in this modern age. Looking forward to reading more tomorrow.

  6. Autumn

    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to comment today or tomorrow, so I’ll do both! I work full time, try to blog, try to do arts and crafts, AND I have three kids. Luckily, my kids are a little bit older, so they’re pretty self-sufficient, but it’s still HARD!! I don’t know how past generations did it all!! There is always SOMETHING that suffers for me. If it’s not my writing, it’s my kids, or my crafts, or my work! I can NEVER do everything to the best of my abilities, because there’s just not enough of me to go around!! I am looking forward to reading Part 2, and I’m looking forward to the giveaway!!

  7. Janice Halliday

    Writing, like any other creative pursuit, takes full attention. Children, another creation, take full attention. In both writing and childrearing, one’s logical mind and intuitive mind are fully engaged, fully attentive.

    In the case of children, if you are not fully attentive, the creation you love could be hurt or die, be emotionally or physically maimed for life, or lost forever.

    In the case of writing, well, you can pick this up tomorrow. It sits on the page, waiting for you to come back to it. We are wired to respond to what calls for us in the night. And in the case of writing and motherhood, the kids yell the loudest.

    It is very much about gender, and it’s about having a very full house of preoccupation, all squalling for attention.

    We feel guilty, perhaps, because we love one more than the other.

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