7 responses to “My 5 Favorite Places to Write…”

  1. Annette Gendler

    Jan, I see we share the preference for a couch to write! And your desk is too scarily empty but I agree that desk must face a window. Mine is surrounded by windows and I have to pull a solar blind down quite often so I don’t roast there.

  2. Marla

    Jan, loved seeing your writing spaces. I’m a big fan of cafe writing…but ONLY if I’m listening to my own music on my headphones. Cafes are friendly places, esp. for a procrastinating writer!

    Look forward to reading more,

  3. Michelle J. Rafter

    I too love your desk – have you ever thought about putting it in the living room somewhere? Even if you don’t use it as a desk, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. You could put your writing “tools” on it while they’re not in use.


  4. Julia

    I’m so glad you blogged about this! Your couch looks very comfy, and I’m not sure I’d want to sit anywhere else but there. I completely agree that I like a desk that looks out the window; the only time I’m not crazy about it is when the sun is streaming into my eyes. The library looks really nice, too. Nice post!

  5. Liz

    Love the glimpse into your writing world, Jan!

  6. Lisa

    Hey, Jan. I sense a theme here (haha!). Great that you posted photos in addition to your top five places. You are a good mom for letting your daughter keep the gorgeous view and an even better mom for homeschooling for fifteen years!

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