I Won!

I participated in a blogathon as you know back in May and met wonderful bloggers and mentors. I learned a ton and learned that writing daily is a chore. However, I think when we do anything new, we’re awkward at it initially. It got easier and the experience was life changing.

At the end, there many prizes for any of the bloggers that finished the race. One of the GRAND prizes, and I mean grand, was a website build. Check out the video!

I’m so excited to work with Ron. Can’t wait to share more!

4 responses to “I Won!”

  1. Lisasam

    Excellent. Ron just finished my site and I am so pleased. ALso, picked up SJ Mom today and there was an article from you!

  2. Jenni

    So excited for you, Jan. I like the changes you’ve made in your blog – it looks great!

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