Why Sheepies?

When I started the blog, I purposely didn’t write about my faith because as I shared before, it’s going through a metamorphosis. For a while it was easy to sit back and rely on the verses I knew and rely on my small theology but I felt like a fake. I’m so worried about doing rather than being.

And I still can’t describe to my satisfaction what my faith is to me or maybe even better, I can’t describe what I mean to my God. Yet, I know I am precious to Him. Today I was once again struck by the fact that we are referred to as His sheep. Now many would rebel and scream “why such a lowly animal?” But truly, I understand.

Sheep aren’t particularly bright. They follow each other. They are needy creatures, and they need a Shepherd. The list goes on and on.

I am thankful for the reminder because it affirms the feelings of neediness in my life. It gives me permission to let go and just be. He waits for me. I can’t fix it. And He waits. I’m trying. He waits. And then I surrender, and He is there.
Photo courtesy of David Masters (Creative Commons)

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