A Family Member Leaves…

Today a family member went to live at another home. We gave our 8 year old Arab to a young lady who is so excited to have her. My oldest daughter has outgrown Domini, and the younger children didn’t have a desire to ride her.

Horses want to work and since they are herd animals, need to be around other horses. It was very sad to see her leave but I know it’s for the best. Enjoy the season you are in because it will change.

3 responses to “A Family Member Leaves…”

  1. Babette

    Wise of you to let her go. Best for you, as you say…and too true: enjoy these days. Grab them and just be aware.

  2. Jan

    Hi Babette,
    It's so good to see you again. I can't imagine when the last one leaves…kids, that is!

    Your blog is beautiful. Are you going to rest?

  3. faceispretty

    it's a bummer that she's gone but i'm looking forward to her having someone that will work with her and ride her. love you!

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