A Silver Bullet

Parenting is hard…just plain hard sometimes. You try different methods of discipline. You ask your friends what do they do when… Sometimes, they give you a fabulous idea and as a dear friend calls it, they share their “silver bullet.” A silver bullet is an idea that works for them in the parenting scheme of things. It works at least for a time.

Right now, our silver bullet is the threat of going to bed early. For some reason, for an older child, the threat of going to bed earlier than a younger sibling seems to be our magic wand. We wave the wand, and the older child does their chore, picks up their clothes, or makes the appropriate choice. Phew! It works for today.

What is your silver bullet? Share with me…I’m always looking for new ones.

(I wanted a picture of an actual silver bullet, but in the process I learned that the hydrogen bomb is also referred to as a silver bullet. And I’m too tired as a parent to address any controversy that a picture of a silver bullet may raise because of violence in the media…so here’s a picture of a car.)

Photo courtesy of Ed Bierman (Creative Commons)

One response to “A Silver Bullet”

  1. Jennifer Gregory

    Love the term Silver Bullet!

    My current silver bullet is the threat of extra chores. And then really making them do them. If they complain, then they get some more. They learn real quick. The beauty is that I give them chores that I would have to do.

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