Don’t Be Too Jealous!

With being new to the blogging world, I’m finding it way too much fun! One goal I know I’m suppose to have is to craft my blog so it’s supportive of others. People don’t want to hear about the minutia of my life but about life issues that can help them in some way, encourage them, or strengthen them.

That’s why I read other’s blogs. I want to be told I’m not alone in parenting. I want to know it’s okay to question life. I want to read about another’s mom desire to run away and never look back…at least for 30 minutes.

However, today I want to brag about my writers group. We are all mama writers who are trying to balance our families, our responsibilities, and our writing. We applaud each other for our accomplishments and support one another when we crash. These ladies push me when I want to sit back and whine. They tell me to move on when I need to. They also make me braver than I’ll ever be. I am blessed by these women.

Thank you, ladies.

                                              Photo courtesy of fdecomite (Creative Commons)

3 responses to “Don’t Be Too Jealous!”

  1. Babette

    I think it is sooo important to connect with other moms…our trials, tribulations and triumphs are universal…and sometimes I forget that.

  2. Jan

    Thank you, Babette. I have always needed my girlfriends to just bounce ideas off of – And now most of my kids are old, and I still need them.

    I like the word – universal!


    Jan, you're doing great with your blog too. Can you believe we're almost halfway there?

    Also sounds like you found a great group to motivate you. I think that's so important, especially for freelancers.

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