Happy Mother’s Day

Total chaos reigned this morning at breakfast because, you see, my biggest is home for the weekend. There were five different conversations going on. Kids running back and forth. Hubby was asking a question about what someone said but he didn’t hear it correctly. Dishes were clanging. Our cat complained because she had to be removed from her favorite chair where she sleeps so someone could sit at the table. Blowdryers and washing machines were humming. There were seven different breakfasts being made by their owners as well as wise cracks and laughter. I thought to myself, “Since oldest son and oldest daughter have been away at college, it’s been a lot quieter. And now since they’re home, we’re back to normal…well…at least OUR normal.

I’m often entertained by people’s responses to my answer “5, Yes, I have 5 children.” There’s a quick, shocked look and then a sigh of relief when they realize that they don’t have that many. I frequently hear, “Well, I’m glad it’s you and not me.” You know, I am glad it’s me, too!

No matter, how many you have, Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Photo courtesy by zoonabar (Creative Commons)

9 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Babette

    I love the chaos! I have "only" three–and only two of them home, but last night at dinner, I loved the rather loud conversation…reminded me of my Italian dinner table growing up…My DH, who is British? He rolls his eyes and shuts up–he doesn't GET it!!! Jump it! Join in…TALK.

  2. Jan

    Hi Babette,
    I love the noise and the commotion! It's what family is all about. Thank you for commenting. I'll be back to your blog.

  3. Heather

    Happy Mother's day to you as well! I have cousins with families of 5 and 6 children each and they love it. I'm good with 2.

    Two that I wish I could home school like you do. I'm a certified elementary teacher who works at a desk for a lawyers office. It kills me to not teach, but times are tough in education right now. (sigh)

  4. Jan

    Heather, however, when my hubby is gone away on business, I became very aware of my limitations. My hats off to you as a single parent. You have many balls to juggle, and I hope you have a special holiday today.

    I'll be by and visit soon.

  5. Alexandra Grabbe

    I miss the noise and the commotion, so enjoy it while you can. Kids grow up so fast and create their own families, and then move away … and you only get to hear their voices over the telephone, which is better than nothing but not the same.

    PS. Love the design of your blog!

  6. Jan

    Thank you, Alexandra. If you could have seen me last night, I was jumping for joy because I made the switch myself. It's a freebie template at Shabby Blogs.

  7. Jennifer Fink

    I love this post. The picture is great and the ending was perfect.

  8. motherlogue

    Great post. We had a friend and her four kids over for dinner tonight in addition to our two kids and it was a whirl.wind. Hats off to you for handling it with grace every day!

  9. Jennifer Gregory

    Great post!! LOL, I'm not sure I have embraced chaos yet. Maybe one day!

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