Feeling Old?

When I was younger, I thought old was 30. And now as I’m way beyond that, my viewpoint has changed. I’ve come to appreciate “more mature people” and their wisdom. When I’m driving behind an elderly person and my kids say “Get out of the way, geezer,” I ask them would they like it if someone talked to their grandpa like that? They just laugh and say, “Grandpa drives too fast!” Oh..

On my writers’ blog, a fellow writer asked me how did I come up with so many ideas for parenting articles? I laughed and told her, “I’m old.” However, it’s allowed me to be able to talk about young children and young adults and everything in between. It’s provides scads of issues to ponder and then craft a piece to sell.

If you’re feeling old today, don’t despair. Read Michelle Rafter, reporter and technology blogger, and fellow Blogathoner and her reassuring words in Experience matters. Check it out.

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2 responses to “Feeling Old?”

  1. Jennifer Gregory

    Very good points. I remember telling someone when I was like 21 that 35 was really old. Now that i am about to turn 38, I totally disagree with that statement.

  2. Jan

    hahahaha – so true! What are we going to say when we are 70, 80 and 85?

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