Help Your Child Navigate Friendships – With slumped shoulders, your child comes home from school and announces that she doesn’t like her best friend anymore? What’s up? As your child matures, she is bound to have conflict with her friends so here are a few practical ideas for you to help your child navigate the journey of friendships.  (927-word) (Parenting, Relationships)

$aving For a Baby – A new baby is such a delight but with all the excitement comes stress and added expense. As the old saying goes, if you wait until you can afford a child, you’ll never have one. But with careful financial planning, couples can make the life-changing transition a bit easier. (875-word)

Teaching Your Tween Money Management – Teaching your tween about money and financial concepts is beneficial in so many ways. At 907-words, this article reviews different areas of finance that your readers can talk to their tween about. If their tween is the oldest child, then there’s even more reason to share helpful ideas and tips in your magazine. (Parenting, Finance)

Help Your Kids Be Money Savvy – So how do you teach a toddler about money? Do you share with your elementary-age child about your family budget? This 945-word article reviews with your readers ideas and tips about teaching their child about money. As parents, we need reminders and fresh thoughts to help us raise our kids. (Parenting, Finance)

7 Ways To Encourage Your Child – How many times has a short encouraging phone call from a friend lighten your day? A thoughtful note can change your attitude in an instant. Likewise, your child also needs words of encouragement.This 576-word article that gives your readers quick and simple ways to encourage their child. This evergreen article may slip into any editorial space.

Letting Go – As parents, we never think that our kids are going to grow up and then one day it happens. Our children become adults. Here a 759-word article discusses when your child becomes an adult, parents must investigate their new role even if they stumble along.

Are Tea Parties Old-fashioned? – Tea parties are not old-fashioned but are a wonderful parenting tool. Here is a 912-word article that shares simple instructions and all the benefits these parties provide for your readers

Don’t Compare – As parents, we want our kids to do well. When they don’t, we start comparing and measuring. Here is a 560-word article that exposes the grief we give our kids when we compare them and encourages your readers to start looking at their kids’ positive strengths and talents.

Why Manners?: An Invaluable Life Skill  At 758 words, it describes why it is important for parents to teach manners, offers some simple how-tos for your readers, and proves the necessity of manners.

Take Out the Trash! – This 915-word article describes the benefits of chores, how to set up chores, and encourages your parents how to respond to complaints about chores.

Enrich a Life: Volunteer! – At 847 words, this article discusses the importance of volunteering, outlines the various benefits to the volunteer, and encourages parents to volunteer with their entire families.

Say You’re Sorry is a 797-word article to help parents review the necessity of apologies within the family. The article discusses the importance of parents teaching their child how to apologize, reminds your readers that they are 24/7 role models, and gives tips on what to watch out for.



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