Men’s Health: Regular exams for peak performance – While it is an often spoken stereotype that men don’t go to the doctor, for many men there is a lot of truth to the statement. Here is a men’s health review for your readers where PSA screening, cholesterol, low testosterone and other male-related issues are discussed. (779 word)

Creating a Beautiful You: Annual Checkups – Every woman wants to create beauty and part of creating beauty is taking care of our bodies. Busy moms often neglect themselves and give every excuse in the book on why we can’t get in to the doctor.  This 760-word piece reviews with your readers the variety of yearly exams that women should have done. Not all of the exams are pleasant but most of them are life saving.

Mom, I Want to Be a Veg! – What happens when your 14 year old announces she’s going vegetarian? At 944 words, I share our story about our middle daughter choosing to change her diet and what we’ve learned in the process. I share important tips about balancing parenting to allow our children to make important health choices on their own.

Sugar Shutdown – Everybody has a sweet tooth, right? We certainly did until my husband had a wake up call with poor blood test results. A 942-word article tells the journey on how our family cut down on sugar in our diet. Our story reassures your readers that it’s not impossible to cut back on sugar and still enjoy food. The sidebar also provides further simple tips to start today.

Find A Workout Buddy – Why is it so hard to find the motivation to work out? This 868-word article discusses the various benefits of having a workout partner. Exercise is hard enough but when you share it with a friend, it’s far more enjoyable. And you get it done.

Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist – Here is a 922-word article that describes what to expect at your child’s first visit, how to prepare your child, and helpful advice to make the trip go smoothly.

What Now? After the Allergy or Asthma Diagnosis – After your child has been diagnosed with a serious food allergy or asthma, many parents wonder what to do next. At 739 words, this piece discusses the natural fears that moms have after the diagnosis and a future action plan for parents.

Overcoming Childhood Obesity – “Hey, Fatso!” In your earlier years, did you ever hear or say these words? A 812-word article discusses overweight children are at risk for serious medical conditions and unfortunately, at higher risk for being taunted at school.

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