For Moms

Creating a Beautiful You: Annual Checkups – Every woman wants to create beauty and part of creating beauty is taking care of our bodies. Busy moms often neglect themselves and give every excuse in the book on why we can’t get in to the doctor.  This 760-word piece reviews with your readers the variety of yearly exams that women should have done. Not all of the exams are pleasant but most of them are life saving. (For Moms, Health)

5 Ways to a Better Relationship with Your Mother-in-Law is an 811-word positive article that offers daughter-in-laws ideas to improve her mother-in-law relationship and tips to change only what she can change.

Feeling A Little Stressed? – At 913 words, this article discusses the symptoms of stress and provides various tips and ideas to relieve your readers’ stress

Get Polished – Moms are notorious for not taking time for themselves. Take a look at this 710-word article that suggests to your readers that a simple manicure or pedicure can brighten up their day. Some safety reminders about nail salons are included along with manicure tips at home.


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