Email Newsletter and Campaigns

In the online business world, we all know we’re supposed to send out regular newsletters to connect with our clients. But are you?

You grow your email list by creating valuable material for your contacts. I can help you methodically send out your newsletter to gain and keep the human connection. I also can provide you current topics if needed in your area of expertise.

Infusionsoft savvy, I constructed an elaborate email campaign for a large 15 speaker Health teleseminar this year. I proof and send out weekly emails for a client, evaluate click through analytics, and provide any further admin needed.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs play an important role in an online business. I understand the importance of partnering with your colleagues in whatever field you’re in, to promote and share information with each other.

Again in InfusionSoft, I’ve created numerous commission programs and affiliate referral partners for clients.

Online Community Management

One of my favorite services I provide for clients is overseeing online community groups whether it is a private Facebook group or an online Google group. Members usually range from beginners to highly skilled and it’s an art to help out my client’s clients in a helpful, respectful manner. We usually have a lot of fun in these online communities.


Among your business tasks, you have to write press releases, business articles, PR case studies, evaluations, etc and you’re very knowledgeable in your field. Yet, sometimes a non-expert is helpful to review your piece to make sure you’re clear to your audience.

With my extensive writing experience, I edit a client’s work regularly and she brags that she’s increased her productivity 30% because she has more time to create and write. Increased productivity equals increased income!

Teleseminar Services

Providing a free teleseminar where you share your knowledge in the form of an online interview is a fabulous way to gain new clients. Let me help you formulate a Project calendar of dates to send out information to your email list, promote your FREE teleseminar on Facebook and on other social media platforms. And during the actual seminar, you can pitch your product or program to interested potential clients. Easy peasy.

I’ve worked with Zoom, Instant Teleseminar and GoToWebinar.


With four years of writing, interviewing sources, and producing copy for regional publications, I’ve covered diverse subjects. And I have to admit that researching is sometimes a bit more fun than it should be. Love it!

Hired by a business writer client to provide research, I’ve delivered current material for her use in published pieces.

Superb Client Support

I offer professional support to my client’s clients. A virtual assistant always needs to remember that her work is always a reflection of her client.

In my Toolbox, I’ve used: InfusionSoft, Memberium, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, TeamWorkLive, Google Drive, Freshbooks, Instant Teleseminar, Kajabi, HootSuite, Facebook and more.

I’m the detailed person who worries about the bits and pieces of your business that will make all the difference in your business. I handle your client’s concerns about not receiving something in the mail that was promised, to proofing your copy of your monthly newsletter, from finding more effective ways to keep your records more streamline to creating your HootSuite dashboard to program your tweets.

Let’s chat.