5 responses to “Hey Virtual Assistant: Are You Too Picky?”

  1. daphne

    not picky… more like too mellow…. (which sometimes translate to not caring… – not true, of course)

  2. Julie Phelps

    I am guilty of being too picky in both writing and oil painting. I believe I can accept that as partial description of the whole ME. Not everything needs to be done to my standards (I’m a reasonable person), but some things will never sit well with me. For instance, I will never be tolerant of seeing toothpaste cap marks on the counter. Just my picky way 🙂

  3. Lois Middleton

    Yes, I’ve been called picky… I prefer to call it detail-oriented. If the details are important, then I’m the person for it, whatever it is. Thanks for a great post!

    — Lois, a fellow blogathoner

  4. Van Waffle

    Good advice, Jan. I am not picky about many things, in fact I tend to alternate episodes of avoidance with a headlong approach to life’s challenges. But when it comes to facts, spelling and grammar, I learned to be picky years ago. Being a wee bit anal in even one or two facets of life can be a great advantage.

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