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  1. Julie Phelps

    You convinced me. You mentioned that a professional is trained in lighting, lenses and other tools that can bring out the best features – and personality – of a subject. That got me to thinking that the reason I reject almost all photos taken of me by friends and family is the lack of such ability. Imma gonna start saving up some extra bucks 🙂
    Thanks – Julie

  2. Katy Manck (@BooksYALove)

    At a recent area training event for school librarians, the organizer arranged for a professional photographer who was just starting her business to take free headshots for all of us!

    We each got 1-2 great photos without that dang ‘school photo’ background, the photographer got experience and exposure for her business, and we were all happy.

    I’m using my new professional headshot on all my BooksYALove and library-related online presences. I would definitely pay to have this photographer do another headshot session if/when I update.


  3. Katie Warnke

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for this great article and insight! I’m a professional photographer in Denver, Colorado, specializing in professional headshots. So, when I see an article supporting my business and what I do, I love it!! I photograph professionals who want to represent themselves with a professional look and headshot. It’s all part of their branding and just as important as their website and logo. People who just want a quick snapshot of their face for an article or another outlet take their own or use a friend with an expensive camera and it’s o-k-a-y. Quality isn’t a priority in their case. Some come to me afterwards – sometimes right away, sometimes years later – and say they’re ready for something better. Some other places to use a professional headshot: in applications to jobs; in submission with articles, proposals, contests, press releases and speaking engagements; on your business card and in your email signature – my favorite. People will feel like they know you before they’ve met you. Anyway, don’t mean to go on and on. Thanks Jan!

  4. Monroe Payne

    Jan, as a professional headshot (I cringe at that phrase – it’s a head portrait…) photographer, there is another, more important aspect. When someone gets a head portrait – one of unapologetic quality, they are saying to their clients “I care about myself and my image, and I will care about you and your work as much or more. A cheap amateur photo says the opposite; “I’m going on the cheap in every way”.

    It is a subliminal message to be sure, but it comes across as firmly as a slap in the face – or a heartfelt kiss.

    I welcome your comments and contact.

    Monroe Payne

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