9 responses to “The Reluctant Entertainer Book Giveaway”

  1. Tia Bach

    You had me at simple and gracious. My fear is “getting it all to come together”… I get so stressed with the prep that I don’t enjoy the event as much as I should. But I also think I overcomplicate what I think people want/expect.

    I’ll be tweeting for sure. A great giveaway. Jan, I’ve really enjoyed your series this month. You give me hope!

  2. Veronica Del Bianco

    My entertaining fear is that my house “isn’t ready”. I always seem to have a long list of things I’d like to fix around the house before I have people over- rehang a door that doesn’t shut properly, hang the painting I bought six months ago, etc. the solution is accepting that my home will never be magazine ready because I live in it and like myself it is always going to be a work in progress.

  3. Jennifer Fink

    I fear the whole thing so much that I’ve been scared to even follow your blog this month!

    Truly, my greatest, bottom line fear is that ppl won’t have a good time, that the gathering/event will be lame. (Yep — that’s high school era fear right there!)

  4. Kerrie McLoughlin

    Okay, my fear is that my house is such a mess! Even when it’s birthday-party ready, we still have all the wallpaper down in the kitchen and no time to work on that little project. So I fear people will judge my ugly kitchen even if the food coming out of it is lovely!

  5. Tia Bach

    I tweeted. Thanks again!

  6. Pat Fillis

    Most ladies don’t need a fancy party, they just enjoy getting together and sharing food, felloship, and conversation. Keep it simple, but special. For instance, if you serve cheese and crackers, Cut your cheese in to shapes that go a long with the season or theme you are using with a miniature cookie cutter.
    Signed, Pat F

  7. Mary Jo Campbell

    My house is VERY SMALL and I feel that I can’t properly entertain and keep my guests feeling comfortable, welcome and relaxed. Esp. since I have a hard time relaxing while entertaining! help?

  8. Tatyanna Wilkinson

    I love to entertain and I have been told I am a good party/gathering planner.

    My advice would be avoid cooking something you have never made before. It causes stress and you may freak out. Been there. Done that. Try out new recipes long before an event.

    Start small. Try a dinner for 4…then 8…then maybe 20? 🙂 Have fun with it.

  9. Tatyanna Wilkinson

    also tweeted but FB is down.

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