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  1. Billie

    … because I throw so much of myself into the prep that I can’t properly enjoy the people! I hide in the kitchen, making sure to add just one more touch to things that are perfectly fine. Then I have to content myself with knowing my Mom’s famous cream cheese dip did it again–brought in the rave reviews .

  2. Van Waffle

    … because my mother had such a gift for hospitality, I doubt I can ever meet the standard. She managed to prepare in such a way that everything seemed both perfect and effortless. She did not do it to impress people, but to spread happiness. Mom loved food, and used food to show love. It has helped me to realize that I do not have to be tidy or perfect in order for friends to enjoy my hospitality.

    For me, too, this is a month to push outside my comfort zone. Besides doing the blogathon, I’m participating in a birdathon to raise funds for bird conservation. It’s a challenge for me as an introvert. All my life I have especially hated hitting other people up for money. I’m passionate about birds so the idea is it will come easier than, say, marketing my own skills as a writer! Meanwhile, it gives me something else to write about.

  3. Mridu Khullar

    I’m the opposite. I don’t do great with big social gatherings but I love having people over when we can have some one-on-one time.

    Looking forward to your posts during the blogathon!

  4. Lisa Carter

    Hey, Jan! Great to be reading you again…

    I like to have people over, but usually only if I prepare a full meal, etc. I’m not great at having people stop by and throwing something together, relaxing when it’s just a “regular” dinner together.

    I can’t wait to see your series of posts this month.

  5. Jackie Dishner

    …because my house is a mess at the moment. But I also love entertaining people and making them feel welcome and taken care of at my home. I just rarely take the time. Because of that, I’m going to live vicariously through your fears this month — and grow with you, I hope!

  6. Jennifer Bingham Hull

    This is totally me! I also can walk into a room of complete strangers and chat everyone up. But having people over for dinner is another matter.

    Great subject. Had no idea anyone else felt this way. Thought it was just me!

  7. Veronica

    I’ve been a transplant in the south for the last decade and I slowly succumbed to the party pressures. My advice? Start with a few signature dishes that you know you can make well. Remember, it’s quality not quantity that matters.

  8. Ronda Levine

    …I’m so bad at the planning part of the party. There’s always something I forget, I have a hard time getting people to RSVP in time, and it’s always awkward. Thankfully, my fiance has the same problem. It’s still really frustrating though when you invite a bunch of people and 3-4 show up…

  9. Danielle

    I have to admit I’m not afraid of inviting people over for dinners or parties. However, I used to get really stressed out on the day of the get-together and try super hard to make an incredible gourmet meal. Now, I’m just as likely to order in thai, if that’s the kind of day I’m having. I’ve learned the most important ingredients to any party are: good company and, um, liquor.

  10. Julia

    ….because it would be too much work to get the house spotless. I’m not a big entertainer either. In fact, the motto around here is….if you wait to be waited on, you’re going to starve or get dehydrated…so help yourself! But I did live in the south for almost five years so I did attend a lot of parties and they do entertain with ease. I’m going with…it’s a gene that they are just born with!

  11. Karen Kuzmack

    I always enjoy reading your writings, so can’t wait to get 31 days of it this month! Such a great subject you’ve picked!

    I love entertaining also, but find myself wondering if it’s becoming a lost art. People seem to pick restaurants as the get-together gathering spot these days. With our world of modern time-saving conveniences, we just don’t have the time to entertain in our homes anymore.

    Cheers to you!

  12. i don't know how to be a good host for everyone...

    That’s why! Everybody is so different, and really I think the art of how to be a good host is making sure that people feel comfortable. The problem is that everybody feels comfortable in different ways and for different reasons, so the ways to be a good host change almost with every party. Keep up the writing, and good luck with future hosting!

  13. Catherine Strange

    Hi Jan
    I hope you have enjoyed our book I sent you last year as a gift “Fearless Entertaining”. Let me know if you would like me to contribute another one as a give away for you readers.
    Catherine Strange

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