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  1. Liz

    Oh, the guilt. It struck me that meeting a teacher at a time other than conferences might make the most sense for the teacher, too — he or she is likely much less overwhelmed. Any suggestions on not reminding a 7-year-old boy to do something over and over again, but still accomplishing those goals? I feel like a nag (as you said) but am also frustrated when I leave it to him and nothing gets done.

  2. Jennifer Bingham Hull


    Could you set up a little reward system for your 7-year-old son? That has worked well for us at times and helps focus some kids.

    When my kids were younger, I was the sticker mom. If they accomplished certain tasks they got a sticker. After a certain number of stickers there would be a small reward or privilege. I would never have been able to potty train my oldest without the sparkly princess stickers. Your child is seven but a little incentive program might still work.

    Also, I would focus on just a task for two. Let some things go. Catch him being good and remembering to do something. A big smile from mom can also be a nice reward! Let him experience the feeling of being a good boy and seeing himself that way.

    Hope that helps!

  3. InSeason Mom Cynthia

    Boy do I feel better after reading this post! This year I decided not to meet with my daughters(2nd and 4th grade) teachers at the annual parent-teacher conference. I did feel a little guilty. I had already met with them less than 2wks earlier. The older daughter has all A’s and good behavior. What is the purpose of meeting with the teacher to hear her say, “Your daughter is a good student. Please keep up the good work!”

  4. Jennifer Bingham Hull

    And I feel better after reading your comment, Cynthia!

    Mommy guilt knows no bounds so it’s great to hear of another mom setting limits at the school.

    Elementary school was sweet but I’m relieved that my children are now in middle school. I got tired of those school projects that involved, say, making a book report out of a shoe box. Sure, mom is not supposed to be involved. Easier said than done!

    My kids are so much more independent now. And they are just not getting as many make-work projects.

    Great to see you on Jan’s wonderful blog! She’s a midlife mom of five. Wow!

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