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  1. Julia

    “1. What was one of your first recipes that you made as a college student or young adult?” I used to make a lot of fried rice when I was in college — delicious and very inexpensive! Great post and I would love to win this book because I have a daughter in college and she loves to cook!

  2. Julia

    Entry #2 just tweeted the blog post! “Great giveaway on @janudlock’s blog.. “The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook Giveaway” http://t.co/sDZbKyf > I entered & you should too!”

  3. Angela

    Love this! Looking forward to giving this a whirl! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aaryn

    LOVE THIS!!! As a busy mom, a quick meal is a must, and I love Trader Joe’s for so many reasons…this cookbook looks fun!
    One of my favorite things to make as a college student was a baked chicken, it looked hard (impressed many a friend) but was so easy and reminded us of home!

  5. Liz

    What a great idea! Thankfully I was in a dorm when I first went away to college or I would have had real troubles! As a senior when I lived in an apartment, my roomie and I were big fans of twice baked potatoes.

  6. Debbie Grace

    What a fun giveaway!!

    The first thing I remember making was Banana Nut bread from my Grandma’s recipe.


    We ate a lot of the Appian Way pizza in the box. Sounds really gross now, but it was cheap and filling.

  8. Teslaca

    I made breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself everyday as a college student. One of my favorite dishes was to make a huge pot of beef stew that would last all week long. It’s full of vegetables and very economical. Plus it can be eaten as is or over noodles, potatoes or rice to stretch it even more.

  9. Teslaca
  10. Tia

    Does any college recipe involving Ramen noodles count? I’m so excited by this cookbook and the idea of baby steps. Not only do I need to start simple and grow, my family needs me to sneak it in on them gently.

    Thanks Jan for sharing this with us! (I’ve liked the FB page and Tweeted)

    And best of luck to Andrea!

  11. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Well, my dad taught me to cook when I was very young, so finding recipes was not a problem in college. Finding money for food WAS !

    I love the idea of a college cookbook!! So cool. I have never lived anywhere near a Trader Joe’s so I am not familiar with it personally, although I have numerous friends who love it!!

  12. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Tweeted about this for entry #2.

  13. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Posted on FB and challenged my friends to take EVERY entry opportunity and try and beat out MY chances to win! ;-D

  14. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Liked the I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook FB page for entry #4.

  15. Nikki V.

    Oh goodness! This book looks amazing, and so does your site BTW. Will have to be a new spot for me to frequent along with my “auntie Kate” above…lol Just liked it on FB….now moving onto my other chances. BRB…lol

  16. Nikki V.

    Just posted it on FB also…LOVE Trader Joes. Esp the wine…lol We are tighter than we’d like in the money field (isn’t everyone nowadays) since the hubby is in the military and I stay home with 2 small kids so I’ve learned very quickly how to stretch the food we have in the pantry. However I am NOT a good cook at all. So my experimentation doesn’t always go so well…lol 🙂

  17. Nikki V.

    First thing I made by myself when I was a college student was sheppards pie! That and American chopped suey were GREAT reheated so I’d make a huge casserole dish full and it would last me a good 4 days! 😉

  18. Shannon McLoud

    What a great idea! I shared this on my facebook wall for entry #4!

  19. Nikki V.

    I don’t tweet, but I posted an extra something on FB for good measure. 🙂

  20. Kerrie McLoughlin

    Tweeted, which bounces to my FB automatically, and Liked! Hmm, probably lasagna. 5 ingredients and very easy to make, lots to share. Great giveaway!

  21. Heather Chadwick

    I was a cooking novice until I moved out on my own after college, I’m afraid. What I loved cooking early on was eggs over easy, as well as baked chicken. This is such a great idea for a book!

  22. Susan

    One of the first recipes I ever made in college was spaghetti. I used a jar of sauce. I can remember how difficult it was to make it. That was a long time ago. Now, I cook every day. I’d love to give this cookbook to my niece who is in college.

  23. Susan
  24. Susan

    I Like the Trader Joe fan page on Facebook.

  25. Susan

    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page.


  26. Nancy

    In college we used to make grilled cheese sandwiches by wrapping the bread and cheese in foil and ironing the resulting little package on both sides. You’ve definitely come a long way, baby!

  27. Nancy

    Liked it!

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