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  1. Anyes - Far Away In The Sunshine

    Feeling very similar to you Jan, but really enjoying children at home though 🙂

  2. tammy

    You really dont want to know Jan! I have been tutoring all summer. I never had a school break. Im tutoring 38 hours a week. I’ve remodeled my bathroom with the help of a friend. I’m in the process of puttying all the nail holes in my daughters room which is gutted of everything so I can paint. I planted a huge garden in June that is now ripening in the summer sun. I will be canning pickles tomorrow. I babysit 3 siblings every other week which means I have 5 kids in and out of the pool continually…all the live long day; wolfing down huge amounts of food. I cook and cook and cook! Every night this week we have been spreading bark dust. I have to go to my mothers in Idaho the 19th to help my sisters sort through 50 years of her stuff. My 87 year old Polish mother in law is coming from Seattle tomorrow to stay the entire week. Im suppose to host a big BBQ and volleyball night for the college kids at our church this coming Monday. I just totally rearranged my schoolroom, bought a new desk that needed put together in the middle of everything else. It’s blueberry season here and we have been picking blueberries for three weeks now. We have 15 bushes. I made 75 pints of strawberry jam. I ordered my daughters Math curriculum for fall. I have kept the kids in math all summer. Im spending hours in marketing my business. I have a commercial coming out on the Daily Buzz on Katu Channel 2. I’ve been writing ads for my business to run in flyers and such, It’s taken a tremendous amount of time! I’ve planted some new flowers in my flower beds. I spend at least an hour every day working outside with my son. We’ve gone rafting down the Clackamas, boating in Washington, and camping in Estern Oregon.

    All this is not likely to end soon. Before school starts I will have 200 plants of green beans that will need canned, 100 jars of pickles to can, 500 pounds of tomatoes to put up into salsa and ketchup and sauces, relish to make, and curriculums to order. I’m tutoring right smack dab into September. And through it all I just keep getting fatter. I have no idea how I can continue to gain weight when I’m so busy. Anyway, I’m trying to find time now to pay attention to my diet and see what I can do to get off this weight. I feel like I dont even have another file in my brain for weight loss but I have to do this. It’s my health at stake. But anyway, there is my summer for you! :0

  3. Kelly

    Constant stress can cause weight gain. It is the bodies natural reaction to elevated levels of adrenaline. Being “directionless” can actually be good for your health. Relaxing, letting the day unfold as it will, looking upon the freedom to tackle our “work” on our own schedule as a gift, and not as an obligation, is therapeutic.

    Aren’t we, those of us who have the luxury to run our own businesses/work from home, lucky to be able to spend our summers like this? I think so……..

  4. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Jan, I’ve done more floating along this summer than I planned. With the various missions trips and 11 hour drives to get a child back and forth to a summer college workshop job, I’ve let too many things slide.

    Add to that REALLY late nights (like 1 am going to bed is EARLY!!) and REALLY late mornings (I don’t even WANT to tell you what time I’m finally up) plus middle of the night “summer moments” and I’ve spent most of the summer exhausted!

    I told my family last night that I’m beginning NOW to switch over before summer is fully over. And no better way to start than with a liver cleanse!! HAHAHA!! Those 5 days should get my body back into shape and set me back on the path of productivity!

  5. tammy

    Well maybe Kelly is on to something. Maybe the weight gain is stress. But the other part about running business from home and getting to spend leisure summer days is not true for me. I too run my tutoring business out of the second floor of my home and it certainly doesnt equate to a relaxed summer.

  6. Julia

    Lots going on this summer but very little writing except the blog 🙂 Still, I’m enjoying everyday because come fall I know everything will be very very quiet and I’ll have lots of time on my hands.

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