6 responses to “Signs of Maturing”

  1. Sandy @ RE

    All the time. 3 teens. Extending lots of grace but the best years of our lives! 🙂


    The only immature person in my house is me!

  3. Christine

    I constantly have to remind my teenage daughter that she is NOT an adult, and our family is not a democracy where she gets an equal vote in what happens. I always tried to raise her to be a strong, empowered girl, but it seems she may think she’s a little TOO strong and empowered…
    At least the toddler still thinks I know everything 😉

  4. Carol J. Alexander

    Jan, I once had a giveaway of my new e-booklet and I didn’t have one person enter. Talk about dejection. But I know from experience, you can’t expect it the first day. Sometimes it takes me three days to get to posts I want to read and respond to. And, to answer your question, I’m constantly telling myself, “He’s only 7.”

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