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  1. Kody Coleman

    I have to say…. I’m not a fan of laundry 😉

  2. Jackie Dishner

    I confess I do not get a thrill doing any housework. I can get lost in the monotony of such a task as handwashing the dishes or folding laundry, and it can help relieve upset nerves, but I’m not a huge fan of housework. I do think I enjoyed it more when my kids still lived at home, which is interesting to think about now.

  3. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    I really don’t mind doing laundry at all…but I’m NOT a fan of folding. Well, I don’t mind folding so much as I don’t like putting it away. Well, I DO like putting nicely folded laundry in drawers and on shelves to look full and neat. Hey, I guess I DO like doing laundry! 😉

    I think it is just that we have SOOO much of it!

    But I will confess that we don’t even separate our laundry AT ALL anymore! We have hard water and no water softener. I’ve tried all methods to soften the water and keep my whites white, but they ALWAYS turn a dingy grey. Sigh. So until we get a water softener (I’ve been hoping and trying to save for 15 years now), I just toss it all in! 😉

  4. Mary Rarick

    I love laundry, too, Jan. And I thoroughly enjoy doing dishes. Well, most of the time.

  5. Wendi


    I am so laughing right now because just today, I posted a blog about how I *hate* to do laundry! My conclusions about that task are different than yours, but I am glad to hear that you like to do it. Maybe one day (probably when we’re down to just the two of us), I will not mind laundry. Maybe I will miss the people who made the clothes dirty… Thanks for giving me a new perspective. 🙂

    -@mymuddyshoes (Wendi)

  6. Michelle J. Rafter

    I’d take laundry over grocery shopping any day of the week. I even love folding. I learned long ago that if you fold laundry immediately as it comes out of the dryer it doesn’t seem like such a chore. Saturday’s a big laundry day for me and I have a boom box in the laundry room so I can listen to “Prairie Home Companion” and other NPR shows while I work. And I try not to do it every day – though I could – so it doesn’t feel like a task that’s never finished.


  7. Janet

    I love laundry too. I usually do about two loads a day and it keeps me caught up. I must admit, at one point my girls had enough pink clothing at the same time that I’d do a load of pinks in addition to lights, brights, darks & towels.

  8. Mikaela D'Eigh

    Wow ~ would either Jan or Michelle like to come over to my house and do laundry! I LOVE to grocery shop [and cook for that matter]. Let’s trade! ;D

    Lovely post ~ you make folding laundry sound so peaceful!

  9. Valerie Anderson

    I don’t mind doing laundry so much, especially on a cold rainy day. I absolutely love folding clean dry towels right out of the drier and if I’m cold I sometimes snuggle up in the them. Ahhhh…I love the warmth.

  10. Julie

    I must say that I’m not a fan of laundry either…and there’s only two of us…most of the time! It ranks right up there, for me, with dusting – yuck! I live in jackets year round and am incredibly cold natured so I, too, like folding warm towels on a cold, winter day, but I’d prefer if someone would fold them for me 😉

  11. Liz

    I appreciate that you brought up the moment when you put away the towels and see the laundry basket is already half full again! Happens. Every. Time! Guess what my guest blogger wrote about for tomorrow’s post? Laundry! What a coincidence. (Or woo woo..you know I like that technical term.) Great post, Jan.

  12. PJ

    I enjoyed your post! A friend of mine once mentioned saying a prayer for each family member as she folded, and that idea has stayed with me. Recently, I found a FB status discussing the rapture and whenever it came, this gal was pretty sure she’d be doing the laundry- lol! And have you seen the blog the theology of laundry? It is new- the bio mentions how the author is amused to consider that one of the first things the Risen Christ did was to fold the cloth. Yes, there is inspiration everywhere, isn’t there? Thank you!

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