9 responses to “Past Posts: I Hate Christmas Letters”

  1. Lisa

    Hey Jan. You know, I don’t mind those holiday letters. I love it when people take the time to put a card together, put our names on it, grab a stamp and mail it. Yes, I roll my eyes sometimes at the hyperbole but, most of the time, I’m thrilled to receive hand-written cards from a friend or relative. That’s my two cents! (-:

  2. Sheila Callahan

    I don’t mind them either, although most of them are extremely lame. Give a choice between no news and lame news. I’ll take the latter.

  3. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Jan I understand! For years we got letters telling us how friends’ children earned their doctorates before they were 12 or climbed Mt. Everest on their 15th birthday or are on the candidate list for the Nobel Prize in Biology. OK, maybe those are exaggerations…but compared to our very REAL (and actually quite boring) life, that is how it felt! ;-D

    But I have also found that sharing accomplishments isn’t really sharing yourself. We DO send Christmas letters, but ours are a bit different. We send (I hand write a note on a card) a newspaper-type letter with 1 sentence snippets of where each person is at in their life (can’t get too braggy in 1 sentence ;-D) and then a short 4 sentence article about a major family event or two…one year it was a death, another a family reunion, another a child going off for a year of mission work – happy, sad and exciting things.

    But the other thing we do is send a page of family quotes. Funny things that have been said throughout the year (and we have some whoppers – we are all a bit on the silly side). This REALLY gives a picture of who we are as a family without having to bring up the brain transplant our 9 year old performed at the Mayo Clinic! ;-D

  4. Liz

    Is that B&B on Capitol Hill or Queen Anne? I might have to send you my 2010 Holiday Letter. It was on the humorous side.

  5. Julie

    I don’t mind the Christmas letters either. Oh some are a bit boring and others over-the-top, but I absolutely adore a few that we receive that are written to explain the past year in a humorous way. I actually look forward to those. I started writing our Christmas limerick and sending it out 11 years ago. Every year I sit and write it out and laugh myself into tears. The rules are that it MUST rhyme and be funny…or at least make my family and close friends laugh. Some are more funny than others…like the first one that focused on our new puppy and adapting to her….but overall, it’s a fun holiday activity to do and everyone now suggests things for me to write about.

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