Have you ever felt judged by someone else?

Of course, you have. We all have. But what about it bugged you? What did you feel inside? Do we let people judge us or is it our own insecurity showing?

Do you get angry about it? Or sad and disappointed? I don’t have this figured out so I want to think about people’s comments. Why do you think people judge you?

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11 responses to “Judgment”

  1. Christine

    I think people judge others to hide their own insecurities. Often it’s a subconscious mindset of “If I point out that person’s flaws, no one will notice mine.”
    Great post.

  2. Alexandra Grabbe

    I have gotten to a point in life where I do not let what other people think bother me. Perhaps after living in France for so long where everyone always seemed to be judging my behavior (American) as bizarre. I got used to it, I guess.

  3. Lisa Carter

    This is interesting, Jan. I started a post just yesterday about being judged, but got a little lost in exactly what I wanted to express so I shelved it for later. I find it can be really hard to pinpoint why a certain judgment can hurt so much. Is it who it’s coming from? Because I feel it’s unjust? Gosh… I wish I had more answers for you rather than just adding to the question pile!

  4. Lisa

    Just the other day I felt like my daughter’s dance teachers were judging me for something. In fact, I wasn’t just feeling it, I’m sure of it. While I wasn’t pleased to feel their judgement, I didn’t want to make too much of it in that instance. That said, I think it’s best to confront judgement head-on in most cases.

  5. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Being judged is always hard. Even if you know it has no basis in fact, it still affects us. We can try to turn the other cheek, but it still hurts. I think we all have a desire to be thought well of. Perhaps it comes from a (godly) desire to please God, but has been distorted by sin. And since the enemy is the Accuser of the Brethren, judgment is pretty much bent on bringing judgment to try and derail us.

    The closer I am to the heart and mindset of God, the easier it is for me to deal with it, I think. I also believe that it is vital for me to take these judgments back to the Lord to make sure there isn’t some speck of truth in it – something that God was wanting to get my attention through.

    Great question for pondering, Jan!

  6. Trish

    I agree that it is often people’s own insecurities and shame issues that make them judge others. Sometimes it is their way making them feel better or superior. Sad isn’t it!

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