24 responses to “Reluctant Entertainer? Put Away the Image & Book Giveaway”

  1. Christie Swentko

    My busy schedule this time of year keeps me from entertaining as much as I’d like to. My Son plays baseball and we are running to the field at least 4-5 days a week with practices and games. I’m looking forward to school letting out for the summer so we can have more time when the practices are durning the day instead of after school hours.

    I posted this on my twitter & facebook for my friends and family to see and I’m also a fan of both of you on facebook & twitter.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  2. Tamrah T

    I want to say you “hit it on the head” with regards to outside influences, i.e. magazines… they always look so beautiful and picture perfect. Yet as a Mom, I can hardly provide anything but…”picture perfect”. My goal will be to find a mentor(s) and gleam their wisdom to accept what is…opportunity to gather rather than missed opportunity 🙂

  3. Tamrah T

    I have posted your post and giveaway on my FB wall, too.

  4. Momof8

    I love entertaining but I do struggle with having people in who may live a more affluent life-style than myself… For fear what we have to offer doesn’t quite meet their expectations…. I really want to focus more on ministering to others than meeting their expectations!!

  5. Momof8

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  6. Debbie Grace

    I do feel some internal pressure to be perfect and that gets in my way of entertaining. Happy birthday!

  7. Velvet Hodges

    Being newly married I didn’t fret about having people over. We were who we were and just enjoyed sharing life with others. Then we moved to a different city and it seemed when we went to other peoples homes everything was so put together, planned. Not like we entertain which is “fly by the seat of your pants”. I shouldn’t say that. We just looked around at what we had to share and we did. I became self concious and withdrew into my cocoon. Afraid weren’t “doing it right” at our age. Now I know that’s an out and out lie from the enemy to keep us from sharing and giving of ourselves to those around us. Thank you guys for helping dispurse the clouds of fear in this area. Be blessed!

  8. Kristen

    We’ve got 4 boys, ages 7 and under. It makes for interesting entertaining! We try to have a family or couple over once a month and have gotten more laid back about what the house looks like!

  9. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    These days I don’t entertain much simply because my husband’s schedule is so crazy. We have so few nights where we can all be home as a family that I really treasure that time. However, as his semesters change, we really hope to enjoy more opportunities to show hospitality!

  10. Raquel

    I struggle w/ knowing what to cook and having the house ready for guests.

  11. Beth

    I don’t entertain very often because I worry too much about what people think (about my cooking, my house, etc.). I also worry about whether or not they will be bored with the conversation. Thankfully, I have a wonderful mother-in-law who models Christ-like hospitality. I just have a LONG way to go in following in her footsteps! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win a copy of this book!

  12. Candace Marshall

    I posted this on my facebook.

    I have a hard time entertaining b/c I’m afraid no one will come. It sounds stupid writing it out, never-the-less, it is true. I really want to do a herbal spa party where I make everything using herbs and natural ingredients, yummy and healthy food; maybe even showing the ladies how to make their own stuff like lip balm, sugar scrub, lotion, massage oil and such.

  13. Lisa

    Interesting post, Jan. Sadly, we don’t entertain as much as I’d like to because a) we don’t have the time, b) I find cleaning up the entire house for guests stressful and c) we just decided it wasn’t worth the time or stress or money to be entertaining so much. When I was young we always had people over though; it was fun.

  14. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

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  15. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

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  16. Paula

    I don’t entertain as often as I would like to because I feel my house isn’t big enough, nice enough. I fear being judged. Maybe if I planned a small gathering, I could have a nice evening.

  17. Paula

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  18. LaDonna

    I don’t entertain more because my house is always a mess; and so is my yard.

  19. LaDonna
  20. LaDonna
  21. Sarah

    I LOVE to entertain and would probably do it more often then I do if I had more money. Hosting is super fun but also makes a dent in the wallet!

  22. Sarah

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  23. Sarah

    and tweeted the message!

  24. Heather

    I don’t entertain as much as I should. I so need this book. I know above all it would bless my husband if I was willing to entertain more and could forget about my hang~ups. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

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