8 responses to “Birthday Breakfast”

  1. Tammy Ellingson

    Jan, I love this sweet tradition. In our house, we put streamers up in the birthday boy’s bedroom doorway after he’s asleep, so he has to emerge from the curtain of crepe paper in the morning.

  2. Don Gonzalez

    Wow. I too posted today about our family’s tradition of celebrating half-birthdays! We also celebrate baptism anniversaries and patron saint days. I enjoyed reading your post. I can tell you now that our children are grown, our oldest has continued the practice in his home.

  3. Sheila Callahan

    Nice post!

  4. Julie

    What a wonderful tradition! One tradition we have are around the holidays is that every Christmas and again at Easter, we bake about four dozen cut out sugar cookies and then decorate them. We take them to the family get togethers and share them with our closest friends. My daughter has helped every year, but as she grew older, she would “persuade” her friends to come help (to ease the burden because it takes two people about 3 hours to complete 2 dozen from start to finish). Each year we seem to pick up a new friend because someone else can’t make it. It’s become quite the competition also to see who can decorate the cutest one. Even a former football player from high school gets in on the action. It’s a family tradition, but we’ve incorporated friends too!

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