9 responses to “Guest Blogger: The Emotional Edge”

  1. Trish

    Thanks Jan for the privilege to be a guest on your blog!

  2. Jackie Dishner

    This is a perfect post for me to send to my own children who now have children of their own. I think I did a good job of teaching them about emotions, but I didn’t have a formal way to do that. This is a good method to learn from. Thanks!

  3. Lisa

    Ah, this ties in so well with my blog, too. It’s always good to be reminded of how feelings, emotions, and words play into each other and what a difference they can make.

  4. Liz

    As someone who needs a quick reminder of what to do, NAME works well for me, especially in the moment when someone is screaming/having a tantrum. Along those lines, Trish, do you recommend waiting until a kid has settled down to have the discussions? Or is it best in the moment? I’ve noticed that with my two boys the “discussion” can tip them even farther over the edge when they are angry. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Trish rohani

      Liz, thanks for the great question! If they are that emotionally aroused it may be best to wait until they are more settled to have a conversation with them. When we get in an highly emotional state it is almost like the rational part of our brains turns off. ( as a side note there is a great Daniel Siegel video you can access from my FB page that will help explain some of this)

      The thinking is that we will be working with our kiddos when the emotions are in smaller doses (or after the fact) to help them become aware of how they are feeling and what the warning signs are that their emotions are spinning out of control. When they can learn to recognize and name the underlying emotions, they may be able to calm themselves before they escalate to the point you are talking about. More later!

  5. Liz

    Thanks, Trish, for the reply. I will check out the video, too.

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