11 responses to “Sharing Some of My Recent Risks: Christmas Tea”

  1. Lisa

    Jan, I’m so tired today so even getting this comment out is a risk for me. My brain is full. I think your photos and words are lovely. You go, girl.

  2. Julie

    Oh, you all keep pointing out my flaws. UGH! Ok, I’ll tell you two things that I’ve been “procrastinating” because deep down I am afraid I might fail…well, and plus one takes an enormous amount of time and the other some substantial money…but “afraid to fail” was a big part of the equation too! 1-this blogathon (which I feel I’m doing ok in. I’ve posted every day so far so that’s a plus) and 2-going back for my master’s or taking website design classes. Number two is more complicated because it involves investing in myself not knowing “for sure” if I’ll recoup the investment which also can be viewed as “failing.” So there you have it… I admit it….I’ve been playing it safe! But p.s. “love” the pink theme for Christmas! 🙂

  3. Liz

    I have a long history of risk aversion. I’ve been working to change that (it’s hard) over the last few years and I can say it is *so* worth it. Your tree is beautiful…I know I wasn’t supposed to comment on the photos. But really, it’s lovely!

  4. Lisa Carter

    Your photos *are* lovely Jan and you clearly have a knack for decorating! There’s a good lesson we can all take from your story: What we’re afraid of often has no basis in reality, just our own fears. Personally, I’m scared to start selling my own writing as well as the writing I do as a translator of someone else’s words. I can hide behind their work, but if an essay *I* write is rejected, that’s personal. But… it is time to take a deep breath and try, because which is worse: fear of failure or regret for not trying? Lots to think about, Jan. Thanks for the prod.

  5. Michelle J. Rafter

    You really do like pink! 🙂

    When I avoid doing something I spend more energy avoiding the thing than I would actually doing it. Or at least that’s what it feels like after the fact. And when I actually get around to doing it, I always think, hmm, that wasn’t so bad after all. Lesson learned: just go for it. And what happens if you go for it and fail? You learn what not to do the next time. And that’s not bad.

    Michelle R.

  6. Lisa @ Write, Pray, Love

    I am on the brink of risking big. It has a grip on me, and I am pushing through. With God’s help and courage, I can do it. I know I’m supposed to, and so I push on. Love you, love your words, love your beautiful challenge.


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