Disappointed?…Then Take Some Time to Remember

The test results were negative…

I wasn’t selected…

My child yelled and slammed the door in my face…

My heart aches…

It aches with disappointment, and yet I have still hope.

I remind myself, “What do I know?” I know that the Lord has been faithful when I went through two years of infertility. How can I complain when I already have two children and yet I want more? Two years of waiting directed my eyes to Him.

I wanted to be selected, and I wasn’t.

I felt like a failure. So unworthy.

What now? I am reminded that the Lord told Joshua to take a stone from the river along with other men and build a memorial for His people so they would be reminded. He brought them. He guided them. He protected them.

Okay, so today when parenting gets hard, I remember.

I slow down and re-focus.

I think to where we were and where He has taken our family.  The Lord has been so gracious in His gifts and His abundant love. I know that He knows my heart and He will provide.

Today, can I share some comfort with you and remind you to remember?

16 responses to “Disappointed?…Then Take Some Time to Remember”

  1. Lisa Carter

    Just lovely, Jan. It can be so hard to step back when confronted with disappointment. Thank you for sharing words of comfort and offering the reminder to remember. I will take it very much to heart today.

  2. Liz

    So true, Jan. And in my own life, I often think how when one door closes (and I feel disappointment) another door often opens. It’s just having the trust and faith to know that the other door is out there somewhere, waiting to be opened!

  3. Lisa Tabachnick Hotta

    Aw, Jan, I can feel your pain and your humility. We all go through disappointing and negative experiences but, sometimes, the pain is just as raw as the first time. Here’s hoping that today something wonderful will happen to counter-balance your first experience.

  4. Babette

    I need frequent reminder to slow down and simply appreciate the journey and the moments. Thanks for this reminder in particular.

  5. Tess C. Taylor

    Oh I love this post – made me really think about some trials I’ve been going through and why it’s important to pray and wait upon the Lord. Beautiful!

  6. Tatyanna/BlueEyedMonkey

    Touching. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.


  7. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    Sometimes it is so hard when our aches and disappointments seem so overwhelming in our eyes. It is hard to see God through our fog of grief. But those memorials God gives to us is such a great encouragement to cling to! Thanks, Jan. A sweet reminder today!

  8. Tammy Ellingson

    Beautifully written Jan! Good reminders for both the big and little disappointments that come our way every day.

    Thank you.


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