Happiest Mom, Part 2: Writing the Book

When I found out that IMP3RfeCT Mom was selected to be part of the blog book tour, not only did I want to ask Meagan Francis a myriad of questions about Happiest Mom but I HAD to ask her about the process of writing it. However, I had to moderate my excitement that I was talking to a real live author and ask only four questions.  🙁

I knew she had to answer 30 different sets of questions for this April book tour.  So I behaved myself. Here is the last question and her answer.

Did you start your blog with the specific aim of writing a book? At what point did you realize you had a book?  How long did it take you to write?

I had actually been thinking of writing about happier motherhood for years–since the mid-2000s, when I really began to notice how many books and blogs were all about the challenges of being a mom. They were great for helping us feel more normal and not so alone, but they usually didn’t offer much hope that you could actually be a mom AND be happy! But I didn’t know that I had enough good material for a book or that anyone would want to read it. So I started the blog as a way of exploring some of the things I felt were getting in between moms and their happiness, and after a few months it was clear I had plenty to say on the topic and that it was striking a nerve with a lot of people. A book was the next logical step.

The book took about 4 months total to write, including back-and-forth with editors and final revisions. It’s all new and different content from my blog, but since it’s so heavily inspired by what I’d been writing about, the research part had already been done!

Again let me thank Meagan for being my guest. Please pick up a copy of this book and take a look. It’s like talking to a comfortable mom buddy who tells you to relax and enjoy your kidlets. She gives you real life tips and tells you like it is.

Remember to leave up to three comments on the previous post to enter to win a copy of Happiest Mom. (Deadline: today 12:00 midnight, PST) Isn’t the book cover cute?

2 responses to “Happiest Mom, Part 2: Writing the Book”

  1. Cynthia Herron

    Hi, Jan…

    Was following your comments today over on Rachelle’s blog. Tweeting?! Aarrgghh! Scares me to death, but thank you for your helpful hints about the tweet buttons, etc! I’m new to blogging, FB, and social media really, but I realize I’m about to get a crash course as I recently signed with a literary agent. : ) Woohoo! I’m so excited, and it’s encouraging souls like you who inspire us technically challanged individuals when it comes to things that others perceive as a piece of cake!

    Meagan’s book sounds great! While motherhood is indeed a challenge, too often we get sidetrack by the really unimportant odds and ends of life and don’t long stop enough to smell the roses! I, too, love being a mom! Best Wishes to Meagan!

    Have a blessed day!

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