Change Is Good

Two weeks ago I bought my first pair of jeans in eleven years. Yes, that’s right. I haven’t worn pants for eleven years but I’ve been able to dig out boulders in our horse’s yard, garden, play in the snow, and pretty much anything else all in skirts. My reasoning for my choice then isn’t important now. What’s important is that I made a choice to change. Holy cow…I washed them for the first time and now understand the word “muffin top.”

My sweet daughters have lots to say on the matter which I won’t go into. I appreciate their support on my new idea.

Change is hard to think about and even harder to do. I know for myself it’s fear of failure or fear of not being enough or just being lazy. Yet it can be rather fun and exciting when you make a change. Some people won’t like it but evaluate if that’s a good reason not to make a change.

Think about what you’d like to see different. Not changing another person – that doesn’t count and it doesn’t work very well either. What is there in your life that you’d like to see different? Think about what small change you can make that will make a difference in your life? Is there something like tidying up an area in your house?, trying a new food?, not going to a food for comfort?, driving a different way?, reading a book on a completely new subject?, not reacting to your kid like you always do or trying on a new piece of clothing that you keep eyeing at the store? Share with me your thoughts and maybe a new choice.

8 responses to “Change Is Good”

  1. Julie Steed

    I LOVE this post, Jan! First of all, I live in blue jeans. I am so excited for you and your new purchase. This post is so timely for me. I am working hard right now to change one thing in particular: stop stressing over the things I cannot control. I can sure find some silly stuff to stress about, but it’s making me physically ill. I can do so much better!

    Keep on blogging!!

  2. Liz

    Great post, Jan. Your advice about even driving down a different street struck a chord with me…how often do we arrive and not really know how we got there? (Figuratively and literally!)

  3. katy

    LOVE this post. Being a military wife makes me need to hear that change is good. It keeps us coming back to God! I cherish that you just wrote about having a muffin top. You are hilarious 😉

  4. Sarah

    I really enjoyed this! I have a hard time with change … actually not so much making the change but rather learning to live without constantly looking back and re-living the past. Sometimes change is necessary for God to do wonderful new things in our lives! Great example, BTW! Hope you are enjoying your jeans 🙂

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