Taking Care of Our Self

As moms, often we aren’t good at taking care of ourselves. We always put our kids ahead of our needs which is normal when they are young and helpless. Yet, our kids seem to grow up, and we still forget to take care of our self.

This weekend, I got back from the Willamette Writer’s Conference and had an encouraging time. After the first day, I walked away realizing that I’m doing the right things for my writing career: not perfectly, but I’m doing them. Having a writer’s group, a writer buddy, blogging, taking classes and writing (oh yeah, that too.) is a great mix to future success.

I’ve also just added joining Willamette Writers’ Association to the plan. My goal is to attend their monthly meetings when my schedule permits. I love my online writer buds but I now see how important it is for me to see and talk to a real live human about the ups and downs of the writing life.

We all need encouragement in our daily lives as mamas but it’s also our responsibility to seek it out. How are you doing that today? 
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  1. Babette

    Agreed–we all need to remember to make time and take time. And getting together with writers always fires my brain up. It is wonderful to talk to colleagues. Hope you get to get to attend meetings often.

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