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Growing An Oak

Are you concerned about one of your kids? Sometimes I worry about a certain character trait in one of my kids or a behavior issue in another. Recently I was reminded about the farmer and his level of patience he needs to produce a crop. He doesn’t grow anything overnight and what he does grow […]

Making Mistakes

When life slows down for a few minutes here and there, I ponder my kids and my parenting. When I was a very young mom, I thought I could “mold” my kids into perfect children. Well, almost twenty two years later I laugh about this lie that I believed. I also think about what I […]

Taking Care of Our Self

As moms, often we aren’t good at taking care of ourselves. We always put our kids ahead of our needs which is normal when they are young and helpless. Yet, our kids seem to grow up, and we still forget to take care of our self. This weekend, I got back from the Willamette Writer’s […]