Got a Schedule?

Yesterday my two youngest daughters wrote up a schedule from 11 AM – 6 PM.  Brainstormed ideas filled in the slots. Their day consisted of quiet reading, art, exercise, lunch, play an inside game, dance, a spy game, outside water games, painting toenails, computer time and dinner.

There was no fighting. It was very quiet around the house. I did NOT have to tell them to get off the computer. What a treat!

Can we have schedule tomorrow? Maybe mom needs a schedule? 
Photo courtesy of alancleaver_2000 (Creative Commons)

2 responses to “Got a Schedule?”

  1. Jennifer Fink

    Jan, this is a brilliant idea! Brilliant for the summer (not everyday, but for some) and esp. brilliant as I begun to ponder homeschool planning. Let the KIDS devise a rudimentary schedule!

  2. Jan

    Hi Jenni,
    Yes, it is brilliant – Since it was their idea, they bought into it.

    I know from experience that if I stay to a loose schedule, I'm much more productive which makes a happy mom which makes a happy, calm household…Hmmmm…something to keep in mind.

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