Have You Been Creative Today?

When I was young, I somehow connected the idea of being creative with the ability to draw. And of course, I had an older brother who could draw whatever he saw. Sadly, my drawing ability consisted of stick figures and doodles. So I grew up thinking I wasn’t creative because I couldn’t draw.

Academics became my niche and doing well in school became my idol.  Grew up, got married, had kids and now I have five children that all have different niches than I. Surprise! So now I’m beginning to look at creativity in a whole new light. Is it how I arrange flowers? It it in a number of different article ideas? Currently, my definition of creativity is taking what you have on hand and making it into something else. It can be an answer to a solution or it can be a work of art or it can be both.

I want to encourage my kids to be creative and think creatively. How do you encourage your kids to be creative? Or are most kids naturally creative and by the time they grow up, it’s squeezed out of them? Let me know what you think.
Photo courtesy of iHanna’s photostream (Creative Commons)

4 responses to “Have You Been Creative Today?”

  1. jennifer

    My favorite definition for creativity is making something new out of what you have – it's fun and satisfying!

  2. Jan

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree – fun and satisfying!

  3. Liz

    For my kids, I try and hold back on any comments or suggestions from "my" peanut gallery. I let them create whatever they want and then I celebrate it.

  4. Jan

    Hi Liz, Yep! Celebrate – that's the word! When they pick it, they want to do it. Thanks.

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