Just Perfect

On a rainy day in the NW, what could be better than sitting on the couch with sleeping youngest child, oldest playing awful video games in room next door, one off to work, music in middle child’s room, and the other one…well I don’t know where that child is. And with no goal in mind as I blog today, this is luxury!

The other day I came to a stunning realization through a friend. I was whining about feeling incompetent so often lately. I joined the Blogathon and learned a ton about building my blog and blogging. I often compared my short quips with novel-like entries of others. Is that what people like? I may be a little ADD so give it to me short and sweet. See, I’m digressing…

Incompetent: lacking in qualification or ability, incapable. Lately, I always seemed to be learning something new. It was an uncomfortable feeling because I never felt I got it just right. This week, I started an online query class where I’ll be learning how to pitch article ideas to national magazines with ladies with 11 – 14 years of experience doing this. (Fortunately, I’m in the beginner class and they in the higher level one. And I’m honored that I get to peer into their work lives and watch as they create masterpieces.)

So this friend stopped me in our conversation and said there is a difference between being incompetent and being a beginner! What? Say that again! There is a difference between feeling inadequate and feeling like a beginner! Oh My Goodness! Lightbulb moment! (If you’re a perfectionist, you feel like you never get it right. You’re hard on yourself. And trust me, this is NOT a good thing…especially you don’t want to pass this on to your kids…)

Therefore, today I’m an apprentice and am choosing to love it!

So for all you perfectionists out there, or if you know of one, please share with them this tidbit. It made me a happier mom, a little more confident writer and much more relaxed!
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6 responses to “Just Perfect”

  1. Jennifer Fink

    What a great analogy! There's a BIG difference between thinking of yourself as an apprentice vs. an incompetent wanna-be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patricia

    yes! I especially like your choice of the word apprentice. I think it speaks volumes more than beginner!

  3. motherlogue

    Yes! I love the idea of being apprentice. It takes off the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves and gives us the space to learn. Thanks, Jan!

  4. Jan

    My mom's comment, "I could have told you that."

    Isn't it funny how we don't hear people who are close to us sometimes. Thanks, mom!

  5. Jenni

    I love this, Jan. How often do we beat ourselves up for nothing more than needing to learn? I love the idea of being an apprentice. Thanks!

  6. Jan

    Thanks, Jenni, I have to keep telling myself – an apprentice, I'm an apprentice.

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