Getting Your Hands Dirty

Since today is the last day of the blogathon, I had plans to write about what I learned but instead wanted to share that I am content.

Sunday I spent two hours gardening with my younger daughters and had a blast. When they were babies, I thought about gardening. I drooled over gardening magazines and just dreamed. Aren’t the pictures beautiful! And then when my kids got old enough, I gardened for about an hour. Soon somebody had a dirty diaper or needed to be fed, so I had to quit for the day.

The years rolled along, and some children wanted to help with the garden. Planting seeds was fun for a short time then it became too much work.  And today, my girls stayed with it the entire time and helped me plant gerber daisies, scarlet runner beans, zucchini, cosmos, bush beans, tiny pumpkins, marigolds, and more.

I briefly explained about depth of planting, distance between seeds, germination terms etc. and then let them do it themselves. We pulled weeds and uprooted bulbs. We replanted bulbs and tried to dodge cat poop. We talked about how barren the garden looked today and how lush it will look this summer. We prayed for our garden that it would be full so we can enjoy it and share the bounty with others.

Today, parenting can not be topped!

(Later, I wanted to post a picture of their dirty hands but when I asked them about taking a picture, they informed me that their hands were clean now and couldn’t I just go get a pic off the internet?…yep, I guess I could. Thank you, dear ladies.)

Photo courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography (Creative Commons)

3 responses to “Getting Your Hands Dirty”

  1. Babette

    I rent now and no longer have a garden to get dirty in, so I envy you this…my boys are older and barely home any longer, but I'd love it if my daughter would be part of this.


    I loved your update about the picture. Made me laugh.

  3. Alexandra Grabbe

    Jan, could not figure out how to email or tweet you, but wanted to offer congratulations on your prizes today!!!

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