Blogging has given me an opportunity to voice my opinions. It helps me see my thoughts in black and white and makes my head a little lighter because I get the swirling thoughts out of my brain. And because of the comments, I feel like my thoughts are heard.

As my children are getting older, I’m beginning to recognize that if we have a conflict with a certain child about the same subject over and over again, it’s about not being heard. My child is feeling that their voice and thoughts are being ignored. The feeling must be like trying to scream in a dream and you can’t make a sound. You try, and you try, and you try. So then you resort to other actions.

Listen and watch and listen and watch your kids today. What are they trying to say?
Photo courtesy of hearingplanet (Creative Commons)

3 responses to “Listening?”

  1. Alexandra Grabbe

    How true this post is! We get so busy with life, sometimes, to listen to our children, and then, days turn into weeks and weeks into months. The years pass, and it becomes too late.

    With adult children, I have discovered another problem. People don't always want to talk about the important things in life. You have to be attentive to those quality-time moments and seize them. When your kids grow up and move away, you will not necessarily be near by and able to listen. Heart-to-heart conversations rarely take place over the phone ….

  2. LisaSam

    So true. I think this is a skill that must be developed. I know with my one son my preceptions are so different from his and it takes a lot to understand and just listen without speaking!

  3. Jan

    Hi Alexandra,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you. Sometimes my big kids need more more emotional time and I have stop and slow down and listen.

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks, too, for coming by. It's so important that we listen to their hearts…even though it's hard sometimes. You're doing a great job at sps.

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