Thankful for Crashing

I’m pretty good with staying organized with homeschooling my three youngest, writing, blogging and the myriad of other responsibilities. Normally, I can keep dental appointments, my daughter’s hearing aid appointments, and any other medical appointments straight in my head with the help of a calendar on my laptop and another one inside a drawer. However, I dropped the ball and with one ball, my world seems to crash. And that’s when the negative thoughts begin.

The name of this blog is the IMP3RfeCt Mom: Embracing the Journey because it reminds me that I’m human and that I’m full of mistakes as well as accomplishments. It’s easy to appear humble on paper but ever so hard to live with my failures when they hurt my loved ones.

One part of my life that I haven’t shared much about on this blog because I’m rethinking it, is my faith. My relationship with Him is my everything. As I age, all the black and white areas are now gray and “grayer.” Fortunately, when I fall flat on my face, or bite my kid’s heads off, I am still loved by Him. He doesn’t love me any more or any less than He first did…

for which I am thankful.
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4 responses to “Thankful for Crashing”

  1. jennifer

    Thanks for sharing that! It is a lot harder when the things I do hurt the people around us. God's forgiveness is wonderful!

  2. Patricia

    isn't that funny, as we get older, our blacks and whites get grayer! I couldn’t agree more. Though I know we both have areas that are absolutes,( such as the basic tenets of our faith) it is interesting that what we once saw as the only way has now become one of the ways. I guess it doesn't really matter from which end you peel a banana.

  3. Jan

    Jennifer, Yes, it is amazing and so vast.

    Trish, ya, just like peeling a banananananana.

  4. Jennifer Gregory

    beautiful post

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