Next Monday is going to be the Blogathon’s Haiku Day. For a quick refresher, because I needed it, a haiku is a 3 line poem with 17 syllables. (with 5, 7, 5). Someone mentioned that we learned it in 3rd grade. Did you? Can you remember back then? I love them because they can be so powerful and intense…or funny and cute.

Is destructive and harmful
Stop the thought process

Try it and see what you come up with. I think I see a lesson coming up in my homeschooling today. (I also see my 14 year old rolling his eyes but that’s okay.)

Photo courtesy of cogdogblog (Creative Commons)

5 responses to “Haiku”

  1. Julie

    I love haiku! I even wrote one for my hubby on our 10th anniversary. I think I was far more impressed with myself than he was with me. 🙂

    Haikus are just so much fun. How did the 14-year old like it?

  2. Jan

    Julie, I will share this in my comments because most people won't come back and read this: I just reviewed them with my 14 yr old. My 10 year old's haiku(with the help of her 19 yr old sis):

    Haikus are stupid.
    I hate doing a haiku.
    Haikus suck a lot.

    Okay, do I get mother of the year award for letting her keep that? and post it on our 'fridge.

  3. Patricia

    yes! I'll vote you mom of the year for letting her keep that. Remember the days when we would have come unglued with something like that? We would have felt the need to take control of our children's thoughts and feelings.

  4. Joanna

    I have been reading a book called The Curse of the Good Girl, by Rachel Simmons. I got it to research an article topic, and now I want to buy it for my shelf. And my self.

  5. Jan

    Joanna, I just saw that at the library but didn't check it out! Maybe I will!

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