Feeling Inept?

With this new blogging adventure, I’ve had way too many opportunities to feel inept. I’m learning how to post, design a blog, download a 3rd party html, and the list goes on and on. There is blog etiquette, and there is definitely blog lingo.

Fortunately, I’m also part of a supportive group who are more tech savvy than I’ll ever be. I chuckle at their kind and thorough answers to my various questions because you know, with email, your communication can easily sound abrupt and rude.

As a parent, I see the benefit of learning new things in front of your kids because it helps you sympathize with them when they trying to memorize the bones of the human body or struggling to write a number in scientific notation. When I see slumped shoulders or hear a book slammed, I always thought it was a behavior issue. I don’t think that way any more.

What have you learned recently that was hard to learn? Share about it with your kids.

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    Oh my! So many things! My kids are grown. The hardest lesson for me to learn with them recently, though, was that they are old enough to deal with their own stuff. I still catch myself wanting to step in and help. It's not necessary anymore. I have a son and daughter, and they both are starting their own families. They both are having children of their own. And they are both handling it just fine. I worried they wouldn't at first. But now I know: I taught them well. You will, too. That's my big recent lesson.

  2. Andrea

    I think you are doing a great job, you are way ahead of me, and I have been playing with this for over a year! Kids need to see parents trying new things, successful adventures as well as failures. And really, isn't it fun?? I think so.

  3. Jan

    Bike Lady, Wow, grandchildren! I'm looking forward to that day. Holding sweet babies and then giving them back so I can sleep through the night. What a deal! I think I'm going to love being a grandma!

    Hi Andrea,
    You are so right! It has been fun and empowering to learn new things. Good point about having our kids see successes and failures and how we handle it! It will help them do the same.

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