I’m blogging from not only a different computer but from a different state. I’m visiting my folks in sunny Southern California. So for the next few days, my posts will be short because I value the time with my mom and dad. I probably don’t have a whole lot of it left.

For any writers out there, check out Christina Katz’s Writer Mama’s Proudest Moments where 40 mama writers shared their proudest accomplishments. I’m somewhere in the list.

For me, writing has been steps along the way. It’s kinda like parenting. There are times you want to give up, go home, throw in the towel but you don’t. You keep plugging away at correcting, loving, talking with, listening, and taking deep breaths in between all of it. You feel like a failure and then moments later, you see a glimpse of success with your kids…Parenting, as well as writing, is only for the couragous.

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  1. Jennifer Gregory

    Great post. There are alot of similiaries between writing and parenting. I totally agree that both take a lot of courage. And both take a while to feel comfortable in your own skin and to find your own voice. With parenting, you eventually settle into a style and manner that feels comfortable to you. And with writing, you finally start to find that the words will roll out easily when you are being true to yourself.

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