Portland Family Luncheon

Yesterday, I attended a luncheon at Belly Restaurant with Portland Family magazine. PF invited small local business owners, writers, and PF readers to share their vision of who they are and where they want to go. More about the luncheon in future posts but just let me say the meeting made me proud to be a Portlander.  Here’s a photo of Mary Rarick, editor extraordinaire and me. She’s warm, funny and a great lady to work with.

7 responses to “Portland Family Luncheon”

  1. Jennifer Gregory

    I'm glad you enjoyed the lunch. Great picture and sounds like a fun time

  2. Julie

    Awesome picture! Glad you had a good time. What a treat.

  3. Patricia

    my friend Jan, the writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jennifer

    You are so cute!

  5. Jan

    Dear Blog ladies, thank you for all your kind words. I'm so thrilled to get a picture with Mary! I was so excited that when I tried to do that "hold out your arm with the camera and take a picture," I couldn't!

    Trish, thank you!

  6. mymorningchocolate.com

    Great picture Jan! I love Portland! Such a great city, so it's no surprise your proud to live there.

    Congrats also on one week down in the blogathon! Can't wait to read more of your daily posts during the next three weeks.

  7. motherlogue

    Such a great photo of the two of you. And, yes, Mary is editor extraordinaire!

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